Samuel Sharpe

“We must be content to die for the benefit of the rest. I, for one, am ready to die, in order that the rest may be free... I depend for salvation upon the Redeemer, who shed his blood upon calvary for sinners. ”

— Samuel Sharpe

Lesson Objective

What did it take for Samuel Sharpe to ensure a successful uprising in Jamaica 1831- 1832?

Just after Christmas 1831 enslaved men and women on the island of Jamaica took part in a peaceful strike. They wanted pay and free time. When the demands were not met, the largest revolt ever seen across the British Caribbean erupted, it took place over 750 square miles, involved thousands of rebels and forced King William IV to pass the Slave emancipation Act in 1833 which became law a year later. More than 800,000 people were set free as a result.

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