“A Compelling History Lesson”

- Goldie / Artist Musician

“A powerful reflection on the times”

- Gary Young, Professor, Author, Journalist, Broadcaster

On the 2nd of April 1980 Police raided the infamous Black and White Cafe on Grosvenor road which in turn sparked a large scale insurrection that spread through the heart of inner city Bristol. The ensuing uprising took place over several days igniting tensions across the city as other flash points emerged outside of St Pauls and across the country. These events took place against a backdrop of racial tension and poverty that plagued many cities in the UK.

2020 sees the anniversary of this iconic and pivotal event in British history. The CARGO collective of poets artists and film makers have commemorated these events with a short documentary reflecting on the events of April 1980. Using a combination of archive, animation, typography and specially shot material we have created a sequence exploring some of the first hand perspectives of people who lived in St Pauls and witnessed the uprising. We hear their voices and see their faces as they recount first hand memories of the event.